By Renée Santos

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Sacramento’s Chief of Police Daniel Hahn walked with marchers on Wednesday in a show of solidarity over protests on the death of George Floyd.

The “Walk In Solidarity” started at the Oak Park Community Center and ended at the Shiloh Baptist Church. Hahn went back to the Oak Park neighborhood where he grew up for the peaceful march.

“As a black man and as somebody who was born and raised in the city I’ve always had a tremendous belief in Sacramento,” Chief Hahn said.

During this time where tensions are high following the death of George Floyd, he knows how important his profession is as the city’s lead officer while also being a black man.

Despite the challenges that come with leading a police force during a time where officers across the country are facing scrutiny for use of force, he says it’s time to take make point, kneeling and walking together with his community.

“This is the process that we have to go to, we have to step out of our comfort zones,” Chief Hahn said. “We are willing to be uncomfortable, we are willing to step into uncharted waters so that we don’t have this anymore.”

Speaking at the event, Hahn called the video of Floyd’s death “disgusting.”

“We have to get to the root cause and change that,” Hahn said.

He says right now solidarity is vital.

“It didn’t just start with Mr. Floyd. Mr. Floyd is a reminder that we are nowhere close to where we need to be,” Chief Hahn said.

It was one of the many demonstrations being held in Sacramento to protest the death of Minneapolis man George Floyd.

“We’re all here standing because it’s not the first time something has happened like that,” Hahn said while speaking at the event.

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg and other activists participated in the march.

“If we are going to start seeing unity it’s got to happen with both sides,” one demonstrator said.

Hahn and Steinberg took a knee with marchers at one point.

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  1. margaret m meza says:

    He’s a hypocrite.

  2. Truth hurts says:

    This has turned out to be more than about George Floyd and more about police brutality towards blacks. More whites are killed by police than blacks but we don’t hear about that. Check the DOJ crime stats. DOJ crime stats are determined by all crimes reported by all police agencies in the country. Black America has done it to themselves and needs to take ownership for their actions instead of playing victim all the time. Instead of idolizing hip hop culture and thug life they should be policing themselves. Let’s not forget the reason the cops were called in the first place though for Floyd. It was for him trying to buy something with counterfeit money. Apparently he has had quite the run in with the law throughout his life. In closing, Derek chauvin was out of line and should be held accountable for his actions.

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