By Renée Santos

TRACY (CBS13) — Hundreds of people took over the streets of Tracy Thursday, packing Eleventh Street during another day of protesting across the area.

“Just nice to put Tracy on the map as well and show that we are supporting everybody,” said Julia Cendejas.

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Tracy is the latest community having their voices heard. Up in Folsom, it was another day filled with messages and chants for unity. It’s all part of a growing movement of people speaking out, putting their towns on the map.

“Time to make a change and get up and do something about it,” said Yasna Hakimy.

Dr. Andrea Moore, an Ethnic Studies Professor at Sacramento State, says the push behind these demonstrations is young people.

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“Our young people are tapped in a particular way where they feel the fire, they want to do something,” she said. “They are seeing global support of unification and I think it’s inspiring people to want to be a part.”

Dr. Moore says the call to eradicate human oppression is another connecting piece to the protests.

“I think what we are seeing right now is the second wave of the Black Lives Matter movement organization that has occurred,” Dr. Moore added.

No matter the size of the demonstrations, the people of Tracy say their message is loud and clear.

“The fact that so many people are coming out to support such a great protest is amazing,” said Cierrah Jones.

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“Very important, I feel like anything counts,” said Marissa Cendejas.