By Laura Haefeli

DAVIS (CBS13) — Mr. Pickle’s Sandwich Shop in Davis was shut down by its corporate offices after the franchise owner sent an email to employees containing reportedly racist content.

Franchise owner Mickey Mann confirmed to CBS13 the contents of the email, in which he compared Black Lives Matter to the Ku Klux Klan.

“The BLM is the flip side of the KKK. Their tactics are out of the mafia playbook. They are no better than some of the worst oppressive regimes in the world,” Mann wrote in the email.

He wrote the email after he says one of his employees wore a Black Lives Matter pin while working, making him feel as though his workers were forcing their beliefs on him.

Over and over you have tried to force and are continuing to try to force your beliefs on me,” Mann wrote in the email.

Mr. Mann tells CBS13 he does not allow any sort of political commentary in his shop and feels the comments he made were not racist. He also claims he began to receive hateful comments on the business review website Yelp which he reported to Davis police.

Mr. Pickle’s Inc. permanently shut down the Davis franchise. In a Facebook post, the company wrote they were notified of “the alarming and painful statements made by the owner of the Davis shop to his staff. We made the decision to terminate his franchise and is now permanently closed for business. If that location ever re-opens, it will be under new ownership that upholds our corporate standards.”

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  1. Kevin Lee says:

    And yet, he TOLD THE TRUTH – Black Lives Matter is an EXTREMIST organization!

    1. T.L. says:

      Apparently you cannot say the truth or even your opinion in a democratic country.

      1. VpertinVpertin says:

        Our Democracy and Truth is in danger as long as the liar hides in his bunker.

    2. MoeLarryAndJesus says:

      KKKevin belongs to a REAL extremist organization.

      1. bob m says:

        I’d say this does a good job of demonstrating that fact.

      2. Kevin Lee says:

        No, but YOU clearly do!

  2. LTodd says:

    Well, goodbye Mr. Pickles.

  3. Vreeland says:

    Outrageous that a man is no longer allowed to have an opinion that goes against the grain of the mob,
    From what I gather it cost a lot of $$$$ to get a franchise so obviously her had worked very hard to open his business, now all of that is gone because he refused to be bullied
    This is like the cake baker who refuses to go against his Christian beliefs and be forced to make a wedding cake
    Mr. Pickle Inc should be contacted and if the feel so strongly about supporting thugs why not turn over 3-4 of their sandwich shops and let the BLM employees run them

  4. XYZ says:

    Did you know that Soros-Antifa and the Muslim Brotherhood go way way back in Switzerland? Y’all remember 9/11 don’tcha or is that too long ago for anyone to understand. Ya didn’t know his funding efforts in that one did’ya. And you do know that Soros was a Nazi from WW2. Yep, the analogy is spot on. Oh but this is CA the truth is a crime here.

  5. J.W. says:

    He considered it to be a political statement. I believe its a religion.

  6. Telverin says:

    Ironically, now BLM is literally extorting small shops and the Cuban community people for money “or else”. lol

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