By Marlee Ginter

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A shortcut app called “Police” for iPhones is gaining traction following recent events showing excessive force by police officers. The shortcut enables your phone to secretly record officers.

You give the command, “I’m being pulled over” and the program pauses any music you were playing, goes into ‘do not disturb’ mode, dims the phone’s brightness, and starts recording on the phone’s front-facing camera.

Further, once you stop the recording it will send the video to a designated contact. Considering recent events, including the death of George Floyd at the hands of officers, some say they’d use it.

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“Sure, I would because look what happens… I think it would be a good idea to keep track of police and see how they handle their business,” said Monique Hannah.

“That’s a good idea because some people might be getting pulled over for no reason or something might happen and then someone knows what your predicament is, or what’s going on, why you’re getting pulled over,” said Jordan Norman.

California Highway Patrol says they understand people would use the program, but says if an officer asks you to put your phone down for a sobriety test or to get out of the car, you have to take heed even if you don’t stop recording.

Sacramento civil rights attorney Jeff Kravitz says people have every right to record officers, but there are limitations.

“Officers are public people, you have every right to film them while they’re carrying out their official duties,” said Kravitz.

Kravitz says the recording has to be in public. You can’t secretly record in the police station with a hidden camera.

“That would be an invasion of privacy, you couldn’t film them on private property, that would be an invasion of privacy. But these apps are, it’s my understanding, they work when you are being pulled over,” said Kravitz.

The developer told several news outlets when the program first launched in 2018 that he made it to help people stay safe and honest.

In order to use the shortcut, you must first download the Shortcuts app. You can then find the shortcut by visiting this URL:

Comments (12)
  1. Paul Rodgers says:

    Good. PLEASE USE IT. As PROVEN on LIve PD many drivers are verbally if not physically combative from the moment an officer walks up to their vehicle. Body cameras and now the driver’s own phone will PROVE that in court. So yes, please do use this so when I sit on a jury and see your actions I can fairly evaluate the situation and when appropriate, send you right to jail.

    1. dave ca says:

      Odd, this is such a severe problem that Departments have to hang BODY CAMERAS on cops to catch their violent activity

      Wonder who wants to cover it up? Police UNIONS?

      Corporate employers desperate to evade massive liability ( $$$$$$$$$)?

      All of the above?

  2. Kurt M says:

    Conversely, anything you record could also be used against you.

    1. dave ca says:

      Again Kravitz is LYING:

      Notice the non – sequiter excuses – Red Herring:

      ““That would be an invasion of privacy, you couldn’t film them on private property, that would be an invasion of privacy. ”

      The LAW SAYS NOTHING ABOUT INVASION OF PRIVACY or private property. If the cops are so dishonest or corrupt that they cant be exposed in a recording, they should either HIDE it or…

      STOP THE CORRUPTION. Stop committing CRIMINAL acts in teh street of violent assault and killing people and the whole problem goes away.

      Notice the Attacking the Victim approach the cops and Kravitz are taking…deliberate deceit

  3. subtle2 says:

    I wonder if it could be used to record the good that most cops do?

    1. Alan Scher says:

      No, it won’t work for that.

  4. dave ca says:

    ******************HES A LIAR****************

    “You can’t secretly record in the police station with a hidden camera.”

    That CONTRADICTS US CODE TITLE 18 which states:

    anyone not acting under the color of law can record if a first party with no criminal intent’
    (paraphrased, look it up)

    ******************** HES A LIAR*********************

  5. Keith says:

    Law Enforcement officers on duty are conducting official government business that should be subject to monitoring and recording. “Privacy Rights” should not prohibit recording their PUBLIC actions when conducting their jobs. They are government agents acting on behalf of the government and their actions should be accountable and subject to audit. They have repeatedly demonstrated that oversight of their offical conduct is essential.

  6. BillyBob says:

    Considering YOU have no right to privacy in a police station, and they generally DO have cameras about, how is your phone violating THEIR privacy if it’s on?

  7. Jim Kowalski says:


  8. nick says:

    Defund these crooks, CHP are basically tax collectors for 95% of their day. Thanks to iphone cameras & YT, we can now see tyrants in action and we don’t want you shaking us down everyday for $300-$500 tickets … disgusting

  9. Robert C says:

    The sad thing is that Democrat Political Machine controlled police departments are the most deadly for DNC voters…

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