SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The California Highway Patrol is investigating a series of crimes where rocks were thrown at moving vehicles on Sacramento County streets, causing serious damage in some cases.

Several victims have posted their stories on social media. In each case, drivers say they were driving when someone threw a large rock at their windshield.

“It happened so fast, you don’t even have time to think about how scary it is,” one victim said.

This victim, who did not want to be identified, says he was driving on Greenback Lane near the Interstate 80 overpass on Saturday night when his windshield suddenly shattered.

“It sounded pretty deep, like a gunshot, so I had to kind of assess myself to see if I was okay,” the man said.

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When he pulled over, he found it wasn’t a bullet, but a large rock he says was thrown by a passing vehicle.

“It was just random, it had nothing to do with any road rage or anything,” he said.

Another victim says her car was also struck by a rock on Saturday night less than a mile away on Elkhorn Blvd. The impacts are so severe, drivers say the windshield just exploded.

“There’s glass everywhere, you know, I had glass shards in my face,” a victim said.

And the damage is not cheap to repair. The first victim said it will cost him about $5,000.

The victims said they were not able to see the suspects, but they’re hoping witnesses will come forward with information that will lead to an arrest.  The CHP says the suspects could be charged with vandalism and even assault with a deadly weapon if the intent was to cause injury.


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