TRACY (CBS13) — Three San Joaquin County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a man on probation during their lunch break Wednesday.

The sheriff’s department said the man get out of his car, picked up a handgun and slipped it into his waistband before walking into the restaurant off Naglee Road with another man and a 12-year-old child. 

Deputies arrested the man, 30-year-old Abraham Gonzalez, and say he was on searchable probation and not permitted to have a gun. They also reportedly found a handgun modified to shoot in an automatic capacity in his car as well as 30 rounds. 

Gonzalez and 18-year-old Anthony Narvaez, who was with him, were booked into the county jail on weapons charges. 

The child was returned to his parents.


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  1. John M Swanson says:

    Excellent police work. This is why we need our police departments. Thank you for keeping our community safe.

  2. TiredofGuncontrol says:

    I see the gun laws are really helping keep guns out of the criminals hands. Good work for the police.

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