by Dina Kupfer

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The coronavirus pandemic has brought on stress and fear for people all over the U.S., and some are experiencing classic symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Dr. Gregory Jantz, the founder of A Place of Hope, says in this time of COVID-19 and social unrest, past trauma may be re-surfacing.

“As far as people experiencing symptoms, I think we are probably going to get to an all-time high,” Jantz said.

If you are having trouble sleeping, experiencing lack of interest, feeling detached, or are having negative thoughts about yourself or others, those are all classic symptoms of PTSD.

“For everything going on, those would be pretty normal reactions,” Jantz said.

Dr. Jantz says if you have put in the work to manage flashbacks or triggers, this uncertain time doesn’t mean your progress has to stop. Instead, use this time to reset.

“Watch for where your point of focus is,” he said.

If all your communication is about things related to fear and anxiety, talking to another person can actually raise that. Dr. Jantz says focus on the positive, make future plans with loved ones, and even start a gratitude journal.

“Gratitude changes our point of focus, even in the midst of uncertainty,” Jantz said.

A shift of the mind to help you move through your past, and continue on the road to healing.


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