By Laura Haefeli

ARDEN ARCADE (CBS13) – Nearly six homes were destroyed in Arden Arcade after a fire broke out Monday morning.

Both Metro Fire and Sacramento City Fire were on scene to battle the blaze, eventually getting it under control but not without serious damages. Four townhomes were destroyed and two others were significantly damaged. Neighbors in the area were shocked their homes weren’t affected.

“I am completely shocked. It hits home when it’s so close,” said Lindsey Reuter.

Reuter lives next door and wasn’t at home when the blaze broke out, but her dog Priyah was. Firefighters were forced to bust down the door and save the pup.

“The fire department kicked it in and put my dog in the back room thankfully. I’m grateful that it didn’t get the house,” Reuter said.

Unfortunately the people in the six other townhomes weren’t as lucky. Metro Fire says all of this was caused by someone who chose to mow the grass on a day where there’s potential for extreme fire danger.

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“A red flag day is something that’s put out by the National Weather Service,” Metro Fire Captain Adam Huckaby said.

Red Flag Warning days are announced when humidity is low and winds are high. That combination makes for perfect fire conditions, making some activities off-limits.

Huckaby reminded residents that mowing, campfires, and outdoor cooking should be avoided during Red Flag Warnings. Fire departments do ask property owners to prep their yards for fire season but Captain Adam Huckaby says this grass should have been handled weeks ago.

“There’s a lot of good intent going on with people trying to take care of those weeds but there’s a time and a season for that to be more appropriate in the weekend before Fourth of July is not the best,” Huckaby said.

No one was injured during the fire but the loss is still significant. Metro Fire told CBS13 the person who was mowing the lawn did admit to it, owned up to what happened, but still caused around $1 million in damages.


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