By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Victor Hayes stood up in the makeshift courtroom at Sacramento State Monday as prosecutors detailed the 1977 East Area Rapist attack on him and his girlfriend at his home on La Rivera Drive. 

Hayes has been outspoken in his belief that Joseph DeAngelo was on duty as an Auburn police officer when he attacked Hayes and his girlfriend.

This day is not bringing closure for him. 

During the hearing Monday, Hayes stood up to interrupt court proceedings and said he did not want to be named a John Doe in this case. The judge asked him to wait his turn to speak.

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Outside the courtroom, Hayes talked about his concerns that this plea deal is not getting to the root of DeAngelo’s crime spree. He asks, how this could go on for so long. 

“The sad part about all this is…is if you were a betting man you would never bet that this would have got that far….there’s no way that this man should have ever got to Southern California to do what he was doing,” Hayes said. 

Hayes has called on the city of Auburn to release DeAngelo’s time cards from his days as an officer.

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“It’s important that it’s known that he used the tools that are afforded to him by taxpayers’ money and all that to pull all these shenanigans off and do all this stuff,” he said. 

Hayes is one of DeAngelo’s many victims who has meticulously combed through details of this case. He has archives and records of various instances.  He feels there is a lot more to learn about how DeAngelo got away for so long.

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  1. XYZ says:

    THE BEST QUESTION was when a journo asked about the “killing spree” that “stopped” when the monster was 40 y/o, after a lifetime of killing, from country to county, possibly state to state. Asked if that isn’t unusual for a serial killer, the answer was YES, but they couldn’t say more. HOW MANY MORE VICTIMS ARE OUT THERE. The only thing that willwork if is someone starts cutting the mosnter’s ears off, in exchange. THIS IS THE CASE THAT WARRANTS THAT. As for Auburn PD, shame on you all, begs the qustion, how many other monsters are THEY hiding? Did he work alone? What does his wife who practices law in Roseville, know about this.

  2. BONNIE says:

    I too believe he was still a cop while committing some of his crimes. He lost his cop job for shoplifting a hammer and dog repellent.

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