By Rachel Wulff

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A businessman who deals in sneakers wants his money back after a consignment of shoes were stolen during looting at the end of May.

The images were disturbing, dozens of looters grabbed whatever they could get their hands on, stealing thousands of dollars in sneakers from Kicx Unlimited, a shoe consignment store near DOCO.

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“Complete loss. It’s unfortunate,” said Darshan Patel.

Patel says he had 40 pairs of sneakers on consignment there.

“Pairs of shoes ranging in price from $200-1,000 plus,” he said.

He wants to know where they are or be reimbursed for the losses.

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“And I have not received a single payment from them. I have no sort of update, no login, password or anything like that and I was hoping I was going to get some sort of reply back but nothing,” he said.

He says the company is considering filing for bankruptcy due to COVID-19 losses and the violence stemming from the protests. Something an attorney for the company confirms.

It’s bad news for customers who say it was the unique shoe consignments that were the sole reason for coming there.

Henry Fields said, “They had all the nice Jordan’s, signature shoes, name brands, all the first pairs of shoes the ones you don’t see no more.”

An attorney for the company says they are still trying to determine whether there is enough insurance to reimburse consignors. If not, they will proceed with bankruptcy.

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“I hope they can fix this or make it better. I don’t think that’s the way you should be doing business,” said Patel.