By Anna Giles

FOLSOM (CBS13) — Friday saw an Independence Day celebration unlike any other in Folsom.

The city put on one of the only fireworks shows in the Sacramento region with a Star-Spangled Drive-In event held at Folsom Ranch. The event sold out quickly and provided some much-needed relief for cooped up families.

“We actually choose to come to this event because it was designed to be socially distant,” Lindsei Crowder said.

A total of 1,250 tickets were sold. One ticket was allowed per vehicle – each filled with eager families. The instructions were to park cars at least 6 feet apart and only interact with your family. Masks were suggested but not required.

“It’s not weird actually. I feel like it’s right with that’s going on right now and it kind of gives us the ability to still do something, get out,” Nicole Kneppel said.

People decorated their cars with American flags, pinwheels and banners. That urge to be a part of something this Fourth of July was getting to people of all ages.

“I feel like people are coming out because they’re dying inside,” 9-year-old Evlli Houston said. “People are always inside now and it’s so boring, so when everyone’s out together it’s so happy.”

  1. cfb cfb says:

    Nice to see we’re getting pandemic advice from 9 year olds. IMO an upgrade over the white house. And thanks, Folsom, for creating yet another infection vector near where I live. Did any of you folks take notice that almost nobody else is doing fireworks displays because they’re a bad idea?

    I wonder how happy Evlli will be after one of her family members gets covid and kills her grandparents with it?

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