SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Sky watchers, you’re in for a treat if you wake up early enough.

Comet Neowise is shining bright enough to be easily seen by the naked eye. The celestial sight was expected to reach peak visibility by mid-July, but it’s already causing quite a show.

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The fruits of waking up at 3:30am: a naked-eye visible comet. Comet "Neowise" is close to the sun right now, which makes it incredibly bright. So bright, you can see it with just your eyes, and shoot it with just a cell phone. Most of my shots are the results of hours of exposures and many images stacked and processed. Not today, this is taken straight out of the camera and unedited. If you take any pictures of this comet, tag me in them so I can see! It is northeast low on the horizon after about 4am. Check an app like skysafari to see if its visible from your location. Check my story for a time lapse of the comet rising! Full image shared exclusively with my patrons, as well as monthly updates with these celestial events.

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The comet being relatively close to the sun at the moment is the reason it’s shining so bright, astronomers say. As we get further into July, Comet Neowise will get closer to the earth and get even brighter – but, as with all comets, astronomers warn that it could fizzle out before then.

People are already seeing Comet Neowise with the naked eye, including local space photographer Andrew McCarthy.

Your best bet to see it is to wake up before dawn (the best time being after 4 a.m.) and look towards the northeast horizon. A clears view of the horizon will be needed. For the moment, Comet Neowise is in the constellation of Taurus.

This means, if you’re in Sacramento, you’ll need to look in the direction of Roseville.

While no telescope will be needed to see the comet, astronomers say a simple pair of binoculars will give the best view.

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    The direction of Roseville? Have you guys ever heard of a thing called a compass and the degrees around the center, 90 is east, 180 is south etc.? It would be helpful.

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