By Renée Santos

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Coronavirus cases are on the rise across the state. Many are tracing back to people not following the rules by not wearing a face covering or social distancing. Some unknowingly infected others with the virus because they don’t feel sick.

CBS13 went straight to Gov. Newsom to ask how to manage the increase in cases that link back to people who are asymptomatic. At first, the governor wouldn’t answer specifically, but he did hint toward changes in the testing protocol.

“I’ll be putting out a different frame of engagement on the testing that will go more substantively and specifically to your question because we are now looking to really target and modify our testing criteria,” Governor Newsom said.

He later provided better detail.

“We’re working to match our testing capacity with local labs with many of our hospitals, and not just doing these national labs where you’re seeing a lot of the delays occurring,” he explained.

Dr. Philip Norris, an infectious disease specialist, says testing overall is necessary.

“If we don’t have enough testing to test symptomatic and as I said, those targeted groups of asymptomatic people, we will have cases running around that we don’t know are there and could be spreading, so adequate testing is absolutely key,” Dr. Norris said.

But can people without any symptoms even be tested as counties across the state deal with a testing supply shortage? We checked out Project Baseline and turns out they can. It’s a relief for many.

“It should be available to everybody anytime they want it because you never know if you have and you are asymptomatic, you are not going to know,” one man said.

“I think more testing is a good idea that’s for sure,” one woman said.

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  1. xyz says:

    Yeah, the testing…what the h are you ppl testing for, why don’t you start there. You got these magic swabs from this lab and that lab per the CDC, and given the mistakes and ignorance plaguing the CDC over testing fromt he get-go, there is zero transparency over what the testing protocols are. The CDC says if you had the common cold you will test positive. So stop shouting Testing testing testing, you’re the problem here Newsom. It’s the “Emperor has no CLothes” except this Emperor has No idea what he’s testing for.

  2. XYZ says:

    Less than 1% of those who contract this have died and most of them were really sick or at th eend of their lvies. Y’all just flogging a dead horse here, this is purely political, shutting down the CA economy again, THAT IS THE REAL VIRUS HERE, y’all gonna kill ppl for votes. Antifa goon for Governor.

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