WOODLAND (CBS13) — Several more California counties have been put on the state’s watch list as the coronavirus case rate continues to rise.

Sutter, Yuba and Yolo counties were all placed on the list on Wednesday.

They joined the now more than a dozen other counties – which included Sacramento and San Joaquin – who are being monitored over concerning coronavirus infection and hospitalization rates.

Yolo public health officials noted that, as of Wednesday, no staffed ICU beds were available in the county. After sending out a press release with that information, Yolo County spokesperson Jenny Tan told CBS13 hospitals were working to increase capacity and “we do have some available.”

While not yet listed on the state’s website, the County of Sutter Office of Emergency Management announced on Wednesday that both Sutter and Yuba counties were also now on the watch list.

At his coronavirus response press conference on Wednesday, Gov. Gavin Newsom talked about how different healthcare capacity is from county to county. For example, Los Angeles County has more than 21,000 licensed hospital beds, but Sutter County only has 14.

To help with the surge in coronavirus patients, Newsom said the federal government will be sending nearly 200 medical professionals to California.

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  1. tonya calandrino says:

    You need to make it clear how many of those patients in ICU are due to Corona Virus! Instead making it seem as if all them are due to the virus! this is why people are freaking out, all the vague posts and articles with limited details! Post full details or dont post anything!

  2. Jonathan says:

    17 death and 8 hospitalized is the reason for YOLO county shelter-in-place. Does that make sense to you?

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