By Marlee Ginter

WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Chimbee Joven knows the pain and struggle that comes with COVID-19.

“It’s really heartbreaking to see the patients being isolated when they’re so sick and they don’t get to see their loved ones,” said Joven.

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Joven is a critical care nurse for Sutter Health. She’s seen patients fighting to survive the virus firsthand.

“It’s ultimately critical to have the ICU beds available in case the patient is dying,” said Joven.

Joven lives in Yolo County, which just landed on the state’s watchlist. The county reported nearly 40 new cases and two deaths in a single day. Meantime, it announced it had 0% capacity of ICU beds Wednesday, but managed to secure more by the end of the day.

“It’s kind of like saying, doing your repair job out on the streets when it’s so much better if you can do it at the repair shop,” said Joven.

Yolo County spokesperson Jenny Tan says the county is working with the state to secure more beds. They couldn’t specify how many ICU beds are available considering the number fluctuates with transfers and discharges.

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“The county does have a process in place if the beds are taken up. We do have that process in place where they can go to another facility,” said Tan.

Tan says the county is also considering more enforcement if people or businesses aren’t complying with safety protocols.

“It could cost you money, it could lead to your business getting closed. We don’t want it to come to this point, obviously, we know everyone is struggling, but this is the public health and safety that we’re talking about, we are in a pandemic,” said Tan.

Joven worries for her co-workers stretched thin and for her patients that she’s desperate to help.

“Be compassionate. This is a real disaster,” said Joven.

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Dignity Health, which operates Woodland Memorial in Yolo County, says it’s working with the public health department, the CDC, and other health systems to ensure patients can get to a facility with capacity.