By Ryan Hill

MARYSVILLE (CBS13) — Music was blasting at the Colusa Casino Stadium as the Yuba-Sutter Gold Sox welcomed back fans.

“We’ve communicated with the counties and, with the guidance, we felt that 100 people was the number. So, you know, we’ve had near 100 people at the games for the last three weeks,” John Cassidy, Managing General Partner for Yuba-Sutter Gold Sox, said.

Cassidy told CBS13 that all of the guests are required to wear a face mask and fans are required to sit socially distanced from other guests except for families. In addition, fans are also getting a temperature check before entering the stadium and need to purchase their tickets online.

“We feel like it’s a very safe environment. We manage it diligently and with a real sense of urgency. The players have cooperated. The fans have cooperated and I think we are doing the right thing,” Cassidy said.

A general manager of an opposing team, who sat with fans at the Sox’s stadium, feels safe sitting in the stands.

“Everyone was spaced out. I mean you’re outdoors. There’s nowhere safer to be than outdoors. I feel much more comfortable being outdoors than indoors at any type of facility,” Matt Lundgren, General Manager of Lincoln Potters, said.

CBS13 reached out Yuba County to see how these 100 fans are being allowed to attend these games in person, seeing as the state is not in phase four.

A spokesperson for Yuba County sent a statement saying, “Our focus is for local businesses to gain compliance through education, as proven by our efforts months ago to have in place our compliance team and our Yuba Enterprise Support (YES) Team. For instance, our multi-lingual YES team is a full-time dedicated group working seven days a week educating our community on the Governor’s orders and local health orders. They have been in contact with all Yuba County businesses and organizations; have provided nearly a quarter-million face coverings and thousands of gallons of hand sanitizer; provide informational posters and handouts in numerous languages; produce information videos; and make in-person contact with the public.

After completing a plan to begin their short season, the Gold Sox presented it to Dr. Luu and local officials.  Dr. Luu reminded them of the state health order and local health order, as well as the COVID-19 guidelines published by the CDC to help keep people safe. Never at any time was there permission granted explicitly or in writing as reported by some.

We recognize no county in California has gained 100% compliance in all sectors, however, our approach –including a massive and well put together community outreach plan — continues to be innovative and creative.

Large gatherings have previously been identified as a significant source of COVID-19 cases in the Yuba-Sutter area over the past several weeks. Our Health Officer Dr. Phuong Luu is concerned about the possibility of an outbreak resulting from any similar type event that brings together a large number of people.”

The organization feels they’ve done well at keeping fans safe but know things can change to no longer have fans again.

“Anything can happen. I hope not. I mean, I think we’ve done it the right way. I think we have demonstrated that you can do this in a way that’s safe,” Cassidy said.

CBS13 asked Yuba County if it plans on enforcing preventing fans at these games.

A spokesperson for the county says it is “working with all businesses and organizations with a focus on education that leads to compliance with the state’s requirement.”


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