By Marlee Ginter

DAVIS (CBS13) – Dozens gathered outside the Davis office of Congressman John Garamendi demanding answers for not only a Senior Airman at Travis Air Force Base, but a daughter and a friend.

“Kayli was one of our best friends. We’ve known her for 8 years. Went to high school with her, played softball was one of the most caring people that ever lived honestly,” said Jalynn Welch.

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Once thrilled to have her friend back home after deployment and stationed at Travis Air Force Base, it was only eight months later when Kayli Jefferson-Henkel was found dead. The military called her death a suicide. but friends and family don’t buy it.

“She had bruises on her knuckles, a black eye and a broken neck so obviously if she had bruises on her knuckles she was fighting for her life,” said Welch. “And we want the person behind bars for the rest of their life since they took hers.”

“We tried to get justice through the military they failed to give that to us. Kailey’s family deserves justice. Kailey deserves justice and today we’re demanding that justice,” said Kiana Mannizzi-Kirk.

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“None of the stories add up and we just want answers to know what really happened to her,” said Monique Risch.

“The fact that families send their kids to the military thinking they’re going to be safe on base or off base and these things are happening?” said Desiree Rojas, President of the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement.

Jefferson-Henkel is now part of a bigger push around the country for further investigation into military deaths.

“Citizens and voters are paying attention. we demand justice. this type of chaos, murders and deaths, suspicious suicides have got to stop,” said Rojas.

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