SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — California drivers over the age of 70 whose licenses are expiring have been given a one-year extension due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The automatic extension applies to drivers whose license was due to expire between March 1 and Dec. 31 this year.

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Senior drivers, who in California need to visit a DMV field office to renew their license, had previously been given an extension earlier in the year as the coronavirus crisis forced DMV offices to temporarily close.

DMV offices have since been reopened, but the agency has been trying to help Californians avoid the need for a visit amid the pandemic.

Comments (7)
  1. Ida mitchell says:

    Thank you for giving ing me 1year extension I am a staying home all the time hopefully the virus stop slowing down our governor is doing a good job I hope all the peaple wear a mask thank you again

  2. Arline Tepper says:

    I’ve been wanting this! I even wrote to Governor suggesting this. Thank you, thank you. The DMV is a mess as it is. Now with the pandemic, it’s really backlogged. I didn’t feel safe going near there

  3. . says:

    how about you have an online test and mail license.

  4. Susi Thompson says:

    I agree – mail the new license and waive the knowledge test so seniors do not have to spend an hour or so at the field office exposing themselves to Covid – 19 and others for a DMV test. Is it necessary????? DMV has our finger prints and pictures so you do not need to take another.

  5. JANICE DILLON says:

    I am confused by the available information. I had an extension which expired April 9th for a behind the wheel drive test, would like to extend the extension and reschedule the test. However, the vision test I had done last November is now more than 6 months old. Should I schedule another vision test , if possible, or can I get the drive test scheduled without it? I am still receiving treatment by the eye specialist every 7 weeks.

  6. Mila Hanny says:

    Can I get something in writing to show that I am getting an extension? I will need that to show when I have to show a valid ID

  7. Patty Allen says:

    Just once again asking to verify that this is for sure and do we need anything to show when we do get our license or the time till we do renew?

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