SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The mayor of Sacramento is proposing the city spends up to $5 million to buy 500 tiny homes for homeless people.

In a Zoom meeting Monday, Mayor Steinberg endorsed the “Safe Ground” concept of self-governing encampments.

The funding would go to organizations that will find sites to create small communities for the homeless. The city would supply electricity, potable water, restroom facilities, and garbage pick-up.

“There are a variety of different models that provide a roof, four insulated walls, a front door, safety, and dignity for people who get to move indoors,” Steinberg said.

The city would not buy all 500 tiny homes at once, but as needed.

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  1. Ryan says:

    Cut out the middle-man! Simply buy 5000 extra homeless from your neighboring cities. That’s what you’ll get anyway. I hear they come cheap.

  2. Melanie Snider says:

    I support this idea and would donate to support the effort.

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