ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — Weeks of warnings end with shutdowns across the board. Now no matter where you live, bars are ordered to close and indoor dining has been stopped.

The closures go even further for counties already on the watchlist. In Roseville, the malls are a big deal.

What’s open and what’s not can depend on what side of the street you’re on. Salons are shut down and there can be no indoor shopping at the Roseville Galleria. The mall has had a curbside pick-up program in place for a while, and now, that’s the only option.

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“Obviously it’s frustrating,” said shopper Lynne Schmitt. “Humans are made to interact and be with people.”

Across the street from the Galleria at the Fountains at Roseville, many shops can stay open because the facility is outdoors. Restaurants have to stop indoor dining but that’s nothing new. The mall’s outdoor set-up already provided something COVID-19 made very valuable: patio space.

“With all the other malls and indoor places closing, we see more traffic here at the Fountains,” said Colin Westmoreland, Assistant General Manager at Zocalo.

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Zocalo employees have managed to stay busy amid this pandemic by taking advantage of every inch of outdoor space available.

“We actually got permitted to extend our patio out, so we do have expansion of our patios still in regards to the six feet,” Westmoreland said. “We give all our tables a time limit right now.”

Businesses that have been forced to close are allowed to do outdoor operations, like curbside pick-up, except the hair and nail salons. Even if they wanted to do haircuts and other services outside, state licensing authorities say they can’t for health and cleanliness reasons.

Salons at the Fountains are fielding hundreds of calls from confused customers who no longer have appointments.

Placer County was already on the watch list before this new round of closures was implemented. The governor also said Monday that Placer County’s ICU capacity is shrinking, down to less than 20 percent.

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  1. Michael says:

    Wow, very misleading!!!! Placer county ICU capacity is at 20%, not down to 20%. Check your sources please!!! and only 25% of those are from C-19. Also, are systems are very fluid, meaning patients form others nearby counties will be moved to Placer county hospitals as to not impact one facility….

    1. cfb says:

      Wife is a frontline worker at a Roseville hospital. Nothing you said is true or anywhere near accurate.

      1. Michael says:

        Great!!! Then plz post the numbers. They aren’t HIPPA protected. Lets have it. I won’t detail my sources, but prob as good, but most likely better than your wife’s, I know for sure a pt. coming from Solano Co. to Placer Co. is counted twice. And I’ve actually, lets say “been thru” an ICU in Placer Co. and def NOT at 80% with C-19 pt’s.

  2. cfb says:

    “It’s frustrating. Obviously it’s frustrating. Humans are made to interact and be with people,”

    Y’all can have a nice chat in the ICU. You’ll make lifelong friendships there.

  3. Cme says:

    Wear your masks, dammit!

    1. Michael says:

      Funny how this disease is so deadly, but yet we have to be tested to know if we have it. LOL!!! Do any of the boxes that your masks came in say “this does not prevent Covid-19” Because most do!!!!

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