By Steve Large

SUTTER (CBS13) — Sutter Union High School is going high-tech. As parents prepare to send their children back into the classroom, the high school is buying a dozen artificial intelligence devices with thermal sensors and facial identification technology for their buses and campus.

The devices can read temperatures in under two seconds, allowing students and staff with possible COVID-19 symptoms to be identified quickly and isolated. OneScreen GoSafe is in high demand for school districts considering reopening and concerned about COVID-19 symptoms.

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“In school districts, absolutely very futuristic, in terms of it’s not something we’re used to seeing,” Smile Business Products Scott Bartos said.

Ryan Robison is the Sutter Union High school superintendent and principal.

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“It is very quick, it does a very accurate read,” Robison said. “On campus, we’ll have them at our entry points so that we can grab those scans coming to campus.”

Besides recording temperatures at the start of the day, students will also use them periodically throughout the day in the library, cafeteria, and main office.

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“Something could flair up during the day so we want to identify quickly so that we can isolate anyone that is symptomatic,” Robison said.

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All teachers and school employees will also have their temperatures checked throughout the day. The district is expecting to have 80 percent of its students return to classrooms next month. The rest choosing to continue distance learning from home.