By Rachel Wulff

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – What has been considered a field of dreams has now been closed in what is becoming a bad dream for baseball enthusiasts.

“I grew up playing baseball around here,” said Joe Spatafore.

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Spatafore says he couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw these signs erected on the baseball and softball fields at William land Park. The city closed the fields and put them up to prevent the spread of COVID-19. But Spatafore, who has coached at all levels, says it’s a swing and a miss.

“This is the definition of social distancing, so when you cut off kids trying to get exercising it’s a bad deal,” said Spatafore.

Traveling teams who use the park took to Facebook to vent their frustration. This man says they come because they cannot get permits to play where they live.

“I talked to one of the parents. He thought it was funny we snuck over here. So, Saturday and Sunday there’s like 200, 300 kids,” said Steve Correa who lives in the area.

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Neighbors see those teams on weekends And have questioned what is happening.

Hope Taylor said, “I think groups of kids not living together should not be congregating and having practice if they are keeping schools closed.”

So if you plan to practice at William Land Park you will strike out, for now. Baseball enthusiasts we spoke to say exercise is a way to ward off depression in youth stuck at home for the stay-at-home order, and now, distance learning. They question why the Sacramento Republic and Kings are allowed to play.

“When you pick and choose — you can’t go here but you can go there — I think it has become more political, not medical,” said Spatafore.

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CBS13 reached out to the city of Sacramento to ask about the signs and have not yet gotten a response back.