By Anna Giles

GALT (CBS13) — One of the fastest-growing coronavirus hotspots in Sacramento County comes from one of its smallest cities.

The National Guard will deploy to Galt Wednesday and Thursday to set up pop up testing sites. A city that kept a steady 13 cases for weeks at the beginning of this pandemic, has seen that number rise to 307.

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“We’ve had a false sense of security as a city, as a county, and as a state for a very long time,” said Thomas Haglund, the interim city manager.

County data shows Galt has more cases than cities and suburbs with larger populations. Galt’s population stands at about 26,000 and there are 307 cases recorded so far. Citrus Heights has fewer cases, 296, but nearly four times the population.

“That’s not something we’re pleased with. We’re working with county health officials to get the message out about doing the right thing,” Haglund said.

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Haglund said he doesn’t know for sure what’s causing the surge, but that it’s likely a mix of people traveling to hotspots for work, like San Joaquin County and Sacramento, as well as COVID-19 fatigue.

“Why are we scared? We are a healthy community, we know how to take care of each other and that’s all we need to do,” said Tiffany Kindle, a Galt resident.

Kimberly Konkle was shopping with her daughter Tiffany, Tuesday. They are both nurses who say they are “over it.”

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“Unfortunately this is what it is. And this is what we have to do. I don’t like having to wear the mask every day,” Konkle said.

Others in the community are skeptical a surge even exists.

“I understand for our health and whatnot, but I honestly don’t feel it’s like what they say it is,” said Denise Bradshaw.

The National Guard is coming to Galt on Wednesday and Thursday this week, but can only give 100 tests a day due to a nationwide shortage in materials.

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“The fear I have for California, for our county, for my city, for San Joaquin County, is a New York-style situation,” Haglund said.

Infection rates out of control and not enough hospital beds.

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Galt is right on the border with San Joaquin County, which is currently dealing with an ICU crisis. There are not enough beds to go around, so the medical options for people in Galt could dwindle quickly.