By Elisabeth Smith

AMADOR COUNTY (CBS13) — There could be answers as early as next week in the death of a former federal government whistleblower.

Philip Haney was found dead from a gunshot wound in Amador County earlier this year. Investigators initially believed it was self-inflicted but later back-tracked, citing an ongoing investigation.

“Everything we saw on-scene is consistent with somebody putting a gun to themselves and pulling the trigger,” said Amador County Sheriff’s Office Undersheriff Gary Redman in February. “We’re not making a statement that this was, in fact, suicide.”

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Detectives are expecting an analysis from the FBI next week and said Amador County will determine the official cause of death.

Haney was a former Department of Homeland Security officer. In 2016, he published a book titled “See Something, Say Nothing,” in which he claimed the Obama administration was not taking the threat of terrorism seriously.

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  1. Peter Bartholomew says:

    Why the white wash and cover up of Haney’s death?…How deep is the corruption in our federal law enforcement agencies?? Who wanted Phil Haney dead???….The radio silence is deafening

  2. Ann says:

    Agree with Peter Bartholemew. Where is the FBI analysis supposedly coming soon in July?

  3. Bob Fox says:

    The corruption of the obama administration and within the deep state to assure that America will fo a long time be “fundamentally changed” is unparalleled in American history. Truly all of the democrat party should be condemned and closed. The start of a new party is critical. Perhaps the new party could be called The Constitution Party. It should start out by outlawing its platform from all ideology democrat. Not to do so will guarantee the slide of America As We Know It. God (Judeo-Christian) Bless and Help the USA!

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