By Elisabeth Smith

FAIRFIELD (CBS13) — A Fairfield police officer is under investigation following reports of a “secretive group” of officers that celebrated police shootings.

The officer used to work for the Vallejo Police Department, where allegations have surfaced that officers commemorated shootings by bending their badges.

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In a statement Wednesday, the Fairfield police chief called the practice “repugnant” and promised a full investigation.

“Secretive groups wearing altered badges that celebrate police shootings have not and will never be tolerated within the Fairfield Police Department,” Chief Walter Tibbet said.

Last month, the police chief of Vallejo said he was opening an inquiry into allegations that officers bent their badges to mark on-duty killings. Vallejo Police Chief Shawny Williams told the San Francisco Chronicle that he would not tolerate such a “despicable” act if the claims are true.