By Cecilio Padilla

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A proposed California law inspired by and to prevent a situation like the one that led to the death of George Floyd is advancing in the legislature.

AB-1022 passed the California State Senate Public Safety Committee on Friday with a 5-1 vote.

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The law, introduced by Asem. Chris Holden (D-San Gabriel Valley), would establish guidelines law enforcement officers would need to follow when they see a possible case of excessive force by another officer.

Lawmakers note that officers in California are already required to intercede when they see another officer using excessive force. However, proponents of the new law say it will clarify what techniques qualify as an officer actually interceding.

Further, the proposed law would disqualify a potential police officer from being hired if they are found to have failed to intercede in a case of excessive force.

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Officers who fail to intercede would face being an accessory to any crime committed by the other officer, according to the proposed law.

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California Attorney General Xavier Becerra is among the voices in support of AB-1022.

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According to an analysis from the public safety committee, law enforcement officers’ associations across the state are in opposition to the bill.