ROSEVILLE (CBS13)- One after another, people at Roseville Golfland Sunsplash on Friday slid down water slides that shouldn’t even be up and running under the state’s order.

People stood next to each other, waiting in long lines as groups of family and friends headed into the popular waterpark all day.

After CBS13 first reported earlier this week that the park was still open and had complaints from the public, the City of Roseville is now moving into enforcement.

Sunsplash could face fines starting at $100 and eventually leading to a $500 daily fine.

So why is the City stepping up enforcement now if officials have been aware of Sunsplash not being in compliance? CBS13 is learning there is a multiple-step process that has to be followed.

“It is important to follow that procedure,” said the City of Roseville’s Economic Development Director, Laura Matteoli.

CBS13 called Sunsplash but were told no one is providing comment at this time but the park’s website does say they “are constantly monitoring the water for proper chlorination” and adding that “COVID-19 can’t survive in properly chlorinated water.”

Michael Wilson and his family headed to the park to get a break from being stuck inside their home.

Wilson had no idea Sunsplash isn’t supposed to be open but said he felt safe spending time with his family there.

“I feel like they need to take necessary steps to move forward past this because I feel we can’t live in a shell,” he said.

  1. Baba Loo says:

    They are, “constantly monitoring the water”. Well gee…that changes the rule completely! I didn’t know their scientists and doctors were doing that. Glad they know more than the experts. Make it $5k a day and RETROACTIVE. That will overcome their ignorance quickly.
    But the stupidity wasn’t limited to the owners. “we can’t live in a shell,” (A very ego-centric and bold statement when so many others can’t live at all) The customers don’t need to cover their noses because they all breath through their mouths.

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