By Richie Ramos

MODESTO (CBS13) – Three people were arrested in a large marijuana bust in Modesto on Friday, the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office said.

Authorities said they confiscated around 2,000 pot plants and 300 pounds of processed marijuana. Three firearms and ammunition were also recovered.

Multiple marijuana eradication warrants were served in the 500 block of El Roya Avenue.

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The three arrested individuals were taken into custody after attempting to run away, authorities said. They face charges of illegal cultivation of marijuana, running a drug house, and fleeing from deputies.

In addition to the arrests, authorities said 17 people received citations for marijuana cultivation for their assistance in the harvesting.

  1. Jim Sproul says:

    California could have completely eliminated illegal marijuana cultivation and sales when it legalized marijuana for recreational use. Drastically lower taxes and a more reasonable regulation framework would have made legal marijuana less expensive to consumers than illegal marijuana. Eliminating the profit motive would have wiped out the illegal marijuana trade. But they didn’t do that. State politicians got greedy, and being the authoritarians they are they sought to micromanage every stage of the production and sales pipeline. The result is that illegal sales are at least 20X greater than legal sales. Even the number of advertising retailers is 4X the number of retail licenses that have been issued, meaning 3 out of 4 retailers are operating outside of the licensed legal framework. When buyers are asked why they prefer to purchase illegal marijuana vs legal marijuana, the answer is always the same – it’s the price. Legal marijuana is just too expensive, owing entirely to the onerous tax burden. California authorities think they can get the illegal market under control with enforcement, even though they failed miserably to do exactly that after a century of trying.

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