By Marlee Ginter

RANCHO CORDOVA (CBS13) – Sunday marked the eve of a very different kind of school year and parents spent the weekend getting the house set up – squeezing in some extra workspace for distance learning.

No doubt it’s a challenge for everyone, but CBS13 found one family doing something special Sunday so teachers have some extra encouragement too.

The Knifton house looks a bit different now. The work stations are set up and the Chromebooks are out.

“Each has their own login and they’ll be able to access their own teachers,” said mom, Tegan Knifton.

While she explained the new work stations, her little ones interrupted with questions about signing onto their computer. That’s why Mom has her workspace set up right next to them.

“I know things are going to happen and we’re just going to have to roll with the punches,” said dad Matt Knifton.

“There are days it’s not this pretty and they are tough but it’s a season and we’re all doing the best we can,” said Tegan.

They’re also encouraging the teachers too. The Knifton family went to Navigator Elementary School in Rancho Cordova to chalk welcome back messages before teachers and staff arrive for the first day of school this week.

“It was also a way to get the kids out here, resetting and reminding them what school looks like and it’s starting this week and just kind of letting the teachers know we’re thinking about them,” Tegan said.

“I’m going into middle school so I’m going to have a lot of classes and that’s going to be a lot of being on the compute for a long time, every day,” said Tegan’s son Mason.

A different kind of school year is about to begin, but their message is: “We got this.”

“I mean, honestly, as tough as it is, this is time we’ll never get back so we’re super grateful to be able to have the time,” said Tegan.

After all, the Knifton’s are finding a bright spot in every challenge.

“I think I might like it because I can do whatever I want between classes,” said Mason.

Several school districts will go back to distance learning this week, including Lodi schools, secondary schools in Elk Grove and several districts in Sacramento County.


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