By Rachel Wulff

STOCKTON (CBS13) – Someone is laying down some love for Trump in Stockton.

Several of the painted road signs around Nelson Park that used to say “bump”, notifying people about traffic-slowing humps ahead, have been altered to say “Trump.”

The changes were reportedly made between Monday night and Tuesday morning.

“I thought it was kind of funny. My wife came out jogging and she told me about it, so I wanted to check it out on my way to work,” said resident Brian Sherwood. “I like it; I like Trump, so it’s cool.”

As many as seven of the signs were vandalized.

“I hope it doesn’t cause protests to come out, but if it does, it does,” said Sherwood.

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Nelson Park is in the community of Brookside.

By mid-morning, public works crews were already hard at work undoing what was done, taking a slurry seal-treatment to treat the pavement.

Crews will then re-stencil the area as needed. City officials did not see how much this will cost for labor and materials.

“These are traffic safety markings, and that creates a distraction. And these are people that could be out doing really important work in our community, our public works crews, they work really hard every day, so now they’ve been redeployed to take care of this,” Connie Cochran with the Public Works Department said.