SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office is not happy after several deputies were seen inside a South Sacramento market not wearing masks.

photo obtained by CBS13

A photo of the deputies inside the Sky Parkway Market not wearing masks or practicing social distancing has since blown up on social media.

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The actions displayed go against what is expected of deputies, according to the sheriff’s office. They say the deputies were not responding to a call when they went into the market.

A spokesperson told CBS13 deputies should be following the state mandate when feasible. Masks are expected to be worn by deputies when they are unable to practice social distancing or when inside any establishment.

“To show, hey, we wear the mask, you should wear the mask too,” Roger, the owner of the Sky Parkway Market, said.

During the pandemic, Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones has been outspoken about reopening businesses. Former sheriff John McGinnis says they are reasons why deputies may resist wearing a mask.

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“The ability to hear them well and have unfettered communication is important, plus the senses of a person who is wearing a mask are limited. Anything from DUI to being under the influence of dangerous drugs start with the observation that is actually based on smell,” McGinnis explained.

So what’s the policy at other area agencies?

We reached out to Placer, Stanislaus, San Joaquin and Solano County Sheriff offices. They say masks are highly encouraged but not necessarily required in all situations.

Customers at Sky Parkway Market have mixed feelings about the picture.

“I’m not trying to get sick. [That’s the] biggest part of it,” one man said.

“Me personally, I just kind of look at it like whatever,” another customer said.


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