By Ashley Williams

CITRUS HEIGHTS (CBS13) — His name is Jax, but in one Citrus Heights neighborhood this furry feline goes by the name of “Klepto Kitty.”

“He steals stuff. That’s our Jax,” said Pamela Devine, the cat’s owner.

Over the last four years, Jax has spent his mornings creeping into neighbors’ homes and yards to get his paws on anything he can snag.

“He’s brought home everything from mop heads [to] toys, “ Devine said.

Jax leaves a pile after just one week of mischief.

“This one will probably be the lady at the corner because she has a new baby,” Devine said as she looks at some of the contraband.

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For one neighbor, it’s her rags and garden gloves that often seem to go missing.

“Pam just usually launders whatever it is and puts it on the fence,” said neighbor Dixie Lent.

But for one 80-year-old neighbor, it’s her intimate pieces of negligee that Jax takes a particular liking to.

“She would hang her lingerie,” Devine said. “He loved those.”

Now, after years of clawing his way through homes, residents have learned to keep their gates closed and their doggie doors shut.

But don’t worry – just like any good thief, “Klepto Kitty” returns the stolen items to its rightful owners.

“I have to walk around the block when we go around the block.”

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  1. Ricardoh Obamy says:

    Maybe the only cat I love.

  2. Gamera says:

    Jax rules

  3. Vive Vendee says:

    Probably due to all those damnable collar bells that people put
    on theirs cats & dogs ( like Jax’s owner ) and don’t realize it’s ear
    torture for their pets…pets who hear 100 times more keenly than humans.
    The clueless should try wearing equivalent noise-makers themselves
    and see how fast they go nuts.

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