SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Nearly 30 animals are recovering from the LNU Lightning Complex Fire at the UC Davis Veterinary hospital.

The UC Davis Veterinary Emergency Response Team (VERT) says it has treated nearly 900 animals in the field so far during the fires, from horses and cattle to emus and chickens. Veterinarians have gone into the field to support search and rescue missions and triaging.

Twenty-eight animals are now at the veterinary hospital including Ned, a feral tomcat, who was one of four missing cats. UC Davis said Ned was found the day after his owner Linda’s family ranch was destroyed. Linda was able to evacuate 11 out of 15 cats off the property, but Ned and three others could not be found in time.

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The hospital says they are focusing on tending to animals in the field first. The animals that need to most intensive care are then hospitalized.

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