SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Northern California fire crews got an extra bit of backup Sunday as a team of Israeli firefighters arrived in Sacramento to assist with multiple large wildfires burning throughout the region.

This is the first time an Israeli fire crew is being deployed to assist with an American operation.

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg was one of the first to thank them for the extra help.

“To help California deal with these wildfires, the people of Israel do what they always do with an open heart, they said yes,” Steinberg said.

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The Israeli crews will get started on Monday in helping Cal Fire teams on the front lines of blazes like the LNU Lightning Complex and SCU Lightning Complex wildfires, which are two of the three largest wildfires in California history.

The firefighters will be staying to help battle the blazes for about two weeks.

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  1. Billy Gonkenstein says:

    It is a mistake to give any Israeli help to California. On the very day that Israeli firefighters arrive in California, an article in the Wall Street Journal describes how the California Department of Education is instating the following: “Students will write a paper detailing certain events in American history that have led to Jewish and Irish Americans gaining racial privilege.”

    California is “replacing civic nationalism as America’s creed with enforced identity politics”. I quote from the same article. As far as I’m concerned, California should burn. It should burn in hell.

    1. Daveed Shachar says:

      You’re absolutely right. That is not the California I grew up in in the 1950’s. However, Israel has offered aid to many enemy countries, including Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Sudan and the very unfriendly Turkey. While most of the many countries Israel has offered aid to have gladly accepted, Lebanon and Iran have turned it down, with Iran spitefully saying, after a horrific earthquake, that they would gladly accept desperately-needed aid from any country in the world except Israel. Of course nobody asked the citizens of Iran what they thought. This aid is humanitarian, and given not necessarily in the spirt of friendship but in order to help suffering civilians.
      Daveed Shachar, Dimona, Israel

  2. Olsen says:

    Billy! What the heck? People in our country are losing their homes, livelihood and some of their lives due to the fires. Our government could be helping way more but instead people are flying in from other countries to help. Israel and Mexico so far sent firefighters. But you want millions of people and their kids to die in fires?

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