By Cecilio Padilla

FAIRFIELD (CBS13) — Firefighters are apologizing for a malfunction that caused one of their engines to emit a loud air raid siren in Fairfield for several minutes Monday night.

The Fairfield Fire Department says, around 9 p.m., the siren on the Hillborn Station fire truck started going off.

For the next few minutes, an air raid sound emanated from the truck.

With Fairfield residents already on edge from the recent wildfire that prompted evacuation orders and warnings, firefighters are profusely apologizing for falsely alarming people.

People took it in stride, however.

“I prepared for an alien invasion. It was good training. Thanks for an entertaining night,” one resident commented.

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Another resident joked that the siren freaked them out because it happened the same time a plane flew over their house.

Firefighters eventually resorted to just cutting the wires to the siren to shut it off, the department says.


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