By Marissa Perlman

STOCKTON (CBS13) – A Stockton man said its a miracle he’s alive after two negative tests showed he didn’t have COVID-19 – until he ended up in a medically induced coma. Near-death, he credited prayer, and a little luck, for keeping him alive.

Keiland and Tiffany Henderson were celebrating two years of marriage, and life was good. Then in June, Keiland, just 36 years old and healthy, started feeling not like himself.

“For me I started feeling extremely tired,” Keiland said. “I had a headache that wouldn’t go away.”

After two COVID-19 tests just weeks apart came back negative, the Hendersons were concerned as Keiland was getting worse.

“I was driving home one day and felt like I was going to pass out,” Keiland said.

Tiffany rushed him to the hospital.

“They saw him for about an hour, told him he had bronchitis and sent him home with pain medication,” Tiffany said. “Thursday, things went downhill. It just went terribly bad and that’s when we had to call the paramedics.”

Keiland was sent to an Antioch medical center because there were no open beds near his home. A third rapid coronavirus test, about a month after he first started showing symptoms, was positive.

Keiland was being put in a medically induced coma and Tiffany wouldn’t hear his voice again for almost a month.

“My world just turned completely upside down,” she said.

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During that same time, Tiffany too tested positive for COVID-19 and couldn’t be at the hospital.

Keiland was entered into a lottery to get the medicine his doctors said he needed – Remdesivir – which was out of stock nationwide.

“The doctors said Keiland was getting progressively worse, we needed to come and see him because there was nothing else we could do,” Tiffany said.

She began to pray while her husband was near death. She said she didn’t know what else to do. But what happened next is what the couple calls a miracle.

Keiland was given the medication he needed and eventually was able to breathe with only supplemental oxygen.

“We definitely credit it to the prayers,” Keiland said.

Now Keiland is able to walk with a cane three weeks later.

“I have the privilege to be married to a miracle,” Tiffany said.

Despite being the healthy 36-year-old before all of this, he wants people to know this can happen to anyone.

Marissa Perlman

  1. Realist living in Reality says:

    This story highlights the absolute uselessness of the “tests.” They are wrong 50% of the time and cannot tell the difference between Flu, SARS, MERS, POLLINOSIS, or a previous dead cell infection. PCR test are junk, yet we shut down our economy and terrorize the population with news reports of “positive cases.” End this hoax, only 9210 people died of covid “only” nationwide in six months according to the CDC.

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