By Ryan Hill

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A birthday party for Charlotte Davis’ granddaughter at Southside Park in downtown Sacramento brought new meaning to fun in the sun.

“I think it’s about 102 out here right now,” Davis said.

This celebration went going strong regardless of the heat.

“It’s my granddaughter’s birthday and I’ll be out of state. So we are celebrating it today,” Davis said.

Keeping cool also became a personal duty for others like Mercedes Parker.

She and others crowdsourced to get supplies and money for pop-up cooling centers on Fulton Avenue and Marconi Avenue and others across the Sacramento area.

The group organized tents and canopies all offering things like free water, snacks and some even advertising misting stations for people to cool off during these recent heat waves.

“It was a really easy decision. I spend all day in AC,” Parker said. “So, just thinking how uncomfortable I am just being outside for a few minutes, I can only imagine how it is for people who have to live in these conditions 24/7.”

These conditions weren’t stopping some people from teeing off at golf courses like Haggin Oaks either.

“I was watching golf on TV and figured why not loosen the muscle up in the heat,” Mark Milnes said. “I probably won’t be out here more than 30-45 minutes.”

Whether it’s minutes or hours, the biggest thing people are saying to do to stay cool is something simple.

“Drinking this juice. Drinking this water. Whatever we can drink to keep up us cool,” Davis said.

“Drink a lot of water. A lot of ice water,” Ben Szeto, who was also golfing in high heat, said. “It doesn’t matter what degree it is. As long as you’re willing to do some exercise, I think it’s a good thing.”

While others were outside helping or finding some fun in the intense heat, there are those who are staying inside to beat the heat.

California ISO tweeted earlier Sunday afternoon that a flex alert was in effect from 3 p.m. until 9 p.m. and warned for the second day in a row of potential rolling blackouts, which they said were prevented due to consumers conserving energy.


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