By Cecilio Padilla

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A pastor associated with Bethel Church in Redding is claiming that over 12,000 people attended a protest and worship service on the California State Capitol grounds on Sunday.

Worship pastor Sean Feucht has been holding Christian concerts across the U.S. amid the coronavirus pandemic in defiance of local orders against large gatherings.

Feucht rails against the preventive measures being taken to stop the spread of the virus, arguing that freedom of being able to practice religion is being infringed.

“Powerful politicians and social media giants have engaged in unchartered abuses of religious liberty, silencing the faithful, banning our voices, and outright attacking our God-given right to declare His goodness,” Feucht writes on his website where he live streams the concerts and urges people to sign a petition.

Thousands have attended Feucht’s events, which have the vibe of a rally or concert more than a prayer service.

On Sunday, Feucht held an event on the front steps of the California State Capitol building. He claims that Capitol Police estimated about 12,000 people attended.

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As could be seen in videos taken from the rally, social distancing was not enforced and many – if not most – attendees were not wearing face masks.

Infectious Disease expert, Dr. Dean Blumberg, says it’s possible that there were many people at the gathering who were potentially infectious, who were either pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic, and could transmit COVID-19 to others.

“That’s really a recipe for transmission and can lead to further outbreaks not only among the people who are in attendance but their contacts, too,” Dr. Blumberg said.

According to California Highway Patrol’s guidance for in-person protests on Capitol grounds, there is no longer a limit on how many people can attend constitutionally-protected First Amendments activities. However, strict physical distancing of a minimum of six-feet between attendees should be implemented for events.

“That’s a high risk gathering, and I would recommend people self-quarantine after being in that kind of a situation,” Dr. Blumberg said.

Dr. Blumberg says now is not the time to let our guard down.

“People need to realize, that there’s still about 100 deaths per day in California, so we need to take this seriously or that number will increase,” Dr. Blumberg said.

Dr. Blumberg says he would not recommend testing for those who attended Sunday’s worship event because there is still limited capacity for testing in California, but if you develop symptoms, you should contact your doctor.

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  1. Realist living in Reality says:

    All Praises Due To The MOST HIGH, The ALMIGHTY! No weapon formed against him shall prosper….not even Covid! For The Almighty has not given us a spirit of fear, but of love, power and a SANE mind. The covid hoax is exposed!

    1. ReligionIsEvil says:

      Christianity = Death Cult

    2. HumboldtRick says:

      Hoaxes don’t kill people, you mythologically-hobbled fool.

  2. Sharon says:

    Freedom of Religion is not absolute. Federal law over rules religious freedom when necessary to protect public safety, order, health, or morals or the fundamental rights and freedoms of others. Too bad there were too many protesters to put in jail.

    1. Realist living in reality says:

      Come on.. its been six months, with only 9210 national deaths from covid alone, according to the CDC. Corona is a common cold virus and only kills people with comorbidities. In fact if it was real pandemic then society would have shut totally down, no stores, no fast food, no blood donations and guess what, that toilet paper you’ve been wiping with is not sterile, so the entire population would have been wiped out, literally. Come out from under your bed, take off the mask and enjoy your life that the Almighty has given you, or don’t, its your choice but dont clown others who love THE MOST HIGH and wish to praise. Its all a hoax and those who promoted it should be in jail.

      1. HumboldtRick says:

        You are truly a scientific illiterate. Your numbers are completely wrong, but you get them from the anti-American, criminal TRAITOR Republican tRump Cult, who are also scientific illiterates (and obviously lacking the mental power to recognize reality). You are truly a brain-dead idiot. Your mythological mindset has your intelligence (if it ever existed) hobbled. If you think it was some god who gave you a brain, then try using it sometime. Your mythological being would probably want you to use it.

  3. Christopher Curzon says:

    I attended the rally from about 4:15pm (before the rally formally started) to about 5:20pm. I was wearing a mask, but I did not stay *because* very, very few people were masked, about 1% I would guess, and I had promised my housemate, to be careful.

    This whole things is being falsely cast as a religious freedom issue. It is not. It is simply a public health issue. The sooner we can actually discipline ourselves to wear masks and avoid crowds the sooner the pandemic will end.

  4. My Cats' Butler says:

    God made covid too.

    What if the point isn’t to thrown yourself on blind faith and expect God to protect you.

    Maybe the point is for our self-centered culture to learn that we each need to endure hardship (masks, job loss, etc) for the good of our neighbors or none of us will survive.

    I think your pastor’s real reason for insisting on in-person meetings is that his church makes more money that way than if he preached online and passed the plate via a go-fund-me page.

    1. Christianity is a Death Cult says:

      Absolutely true.

  5. Donald Osborn says:

    SHAME!!! If anything this IS the devil’s work!! This man should be arrested as a Typhoid Mary. SHAME on the misguided and irresponsible idiots who attended.

    1. Pam says:

      Wear your mask if it makes you feel safe, but do the math! not all states or counties are seeing pandemic numbers. Arizona over 7 million and fewer than 200 deaths El Dorado county almost 200 thousand and two deaths, non of this makes sense but people are so convinced by the fear being pushed on them

      1. Christianity is a Death Cult says:

        Shut up. Arizona has nothing to do with California’s situation. I guess you’re part of the death cult too since you do not care that people are dying from something that could be prevented.

  6. HumboldtRick says:

    Feucht and his nonsense mythological beliefs are going to kill his brain-dead followers (and other members of the community, this selfish POS). I hope he gets sued into oblivion. Dangerous idiots like Feucht should be removed from society.

  7. Ray Harlan says:

    Consider these points:
    — Christians are not being persecuted–because they are not singled out. Have you watched baseball games being played in empty stadiums? Grocery stores are limited to half their capacity. Nursing homes have eliminated visits from relatives. For Christians to claim an exemption from common sense holds us up to ridicule.
    — If healthy people contract the virus in a massive praise rally and transmit it to elderly relatives, are they “caring for the least of these” as commanded in scripture?
    — When the biblical plague struck down the Egyptian first-born in Exodus 12, were the children of Israel keeping vigil in their houses or were they worshiping in crowds? Why do you think God’s commands would be different now? When this plague is over, we can celebrate God’s deliverance in mass gatherings.
    — Do you really want to let more people die to preserve theological correctness?

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