By Velena Jones

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A man is dead and a woman is injured after a shooting near the Sacramento Historic City Cemetery early Friday afternoon, authorities said.

The scene is along the 1000 block of Broadway at Odd Fellows Lawn Cemetery.

Sacramento police said the two victims of the shooting were found in a vehicle near 24th Street and Broadway as they were trying to take themselves to the hospital.

Both were taken to the hospital where police said the man died and the woman was in stable condition.

Debra Woldridge attended a funeral at the cemetery and said the gunfire started shortly after the burial had ended. According to Woldridge, the gunfire was directed toward her group, made up of children, adults and elderly people.

“All of a sudden we heard over 15 shots. Folks just scattered everywhere, laying on the ground. I tried to climb the fence and I couldn’t get over and my son was screaming, ‘Hurry up, Mom!’ and I couldn’t get over the fence. It was just a mess,” Woldridge said.

Another witness told CBS13 that at least 100 people were at the burial at the time. Woldridge ran inside a crematorium with others trying to find shelter.

“Everybody was in there, we were in the bathroom, kids were crying, it was horrible,” she explained “You hear all those gunshots, you don’t have time to see who it was. You got to run for cover and that’s what we were doing. We were hiding behind steel chairs, people were laying on the ground. We didn’t know what to do.”

Exactly what led up to the shooting is unclear. Information regarding a suspect or motive was not available.

Anyone with information relevant to the shooting is asked to contact the Sacramento Police Department.

Velena Jones


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