By Richie Ramos

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) – A family was the victim of a racist attack that occurred at Top Golf in Roseville, authorities said.

The Roseville Police Department said the family was leaving the facility on September 5 when the suspects verbally attacked them in the parking lot.

Top Golf said employees reported the incident to Roseville police, but by the time officers arrived the suspects and victims were gone. Top golf says they have terminated the suspects’ memberships.

Police said the suspects have been identified and the investigation is ongoing.

No further information was released.

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  1. S says:

    Give me a break. If you’re not going to describe the behavior but merely judge it with a remark like, racist, without giving any details at all, sounds to me like you’re trying to make some people angry. I hate these kinds of stories and they just need to stop.

  2. ktweeze says:

    its not reported well here. But it was an incident that the accuser posted on facebook. A mom with her biracial kids with her were verbally assaulted by 2 young caucasian men. They were yelling racial slurs at the woman and her kids.

  3. The issue really is that current presidential supporters who are minorities are hard pressed defending their politcal position in this area so overrun with inbred types.

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