By Ryan Hill

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — At least one protester could be seen falling and hitting the ground hard after climbing on a California Highway Patrol vehicle in the protest outside Pres. Donald Trump’s visit to Sacramento on Monday.

In video taken by Lieutenant Coopwood III, a group of protesters could be seen swarming a squad car.

“It was hit and run! You guys were all here. We all saw it,” Coopwood said.

“The cop didn’t even pull over to see if the young man was okay. So is Trump okay with that? I don’t know.”

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One protester in a red hat could be seen climbing on top of the hood of the car. They then start walking over the CHP vehicle as it starts to take off.  After being carried for several feet, the protester can then be seen falling off and hitting the ground.

Despite the video clearly showing the protestor climbing onto the car before being thrown, some are still outraged by what unfolded.

“That officer was sitting here parked for about 30 minutes. And all of a sudden he turns his car on and gasses it as fast as he can,” Leia Schenk, the founder of Empact Org, said. “He was right in the midst of us the entire time. When he gassed on that, it was to deliberately cause harm.”

There has been no word on the protester’s condition.

This is a situation that protestors of President Trump’s visit were not trying to incite.

“Contrary to what you all have been told we’re not domestic terrorists. We don’t come in violence,” Schenk said.

The incident was part of the chaos outside of McClellan Air Park, where Pres. Trump had arrived on Monday morning for a briefing on California’s wildfires.  Supporters of the president showed up to greet him, but they were met by counterprotesters critical of Trump and his policies.

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“We are tired of being bullied by our government and people who support what’s going on. It needs to stop and it needs to stop right now,” Nehemiah Johnson with the organization called JUICE said.

Some protesters told CBS13 that this is another reminder of the change that they are looking for needs to happen.

“We have asked time and time again to make sure that police are doing what they’re supposed to be doing; protecting and serving,” one woman told CBS13.

“It is clear as day why we are out here. You should be asking and listening instead of trying to put down and point at something you don’t understand,” Johnson said.

CHP North Sacramento issued a statement Monday evening saying the office is investigating the incident.

“Two CHP officers were conducting traffic control near the intersection of northbound Watt Ave and Airbase Drive and attempted to leave the area.  As the lead vehicle began to pull away, one of the protestors climbed up the hood of the patrol vehicle.  Fearing for his safety, the officer began to accelerate away and the protestor fell off the vehicle,” CHP said in the statement.

CHP says the protester was taken to Mercy San Juan with minor injuries.

Watch the video of the fracas during Monday’s protests above. 

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  1. Sher Deman says:

    stupid is as stupid does. Climbing on cars is rioting, not protesting.

  2. Dale says:

    Exactly stupid, he should be arrested for destroying government property. Do stupid things get stupid results

  3. Auburn Guy says:

    The only mistake the cop made was not backing up 2-3 times.

  4. fiddlestix says:

    Ain’t his momma proud.

  5. bobblaylock says:

      What is wrong with the younger generations?

      My generation knew better than to play in the street.

  6. Tom Young says:

    So this moron jumps on top of a police car and it’s the cops faulted when he falls off as the cop pulls ? He’s lucky he wasn’t shot. The good thing is he’s a white guy. Otherwise All Sharpton would on the next plane to Sacramento.

  7. Whaddya expect, extreme vulgarity and violence is lauded and promoted by the Religion of Cannibals aka the Democratic Party. Gov Newsom and the Mayor, stop eating the people who pay your taxes. These useless pieces of subhuman vermin “protesting” do not. Too bad they all not get run over.

  8. Tim says:

    It was a thing of beauty to watch. That stupid kid got exactly what he deserved. From a law abiding, productive member of society to the CHP, “well done”.

  9. FAKENEWS says:

    CBS Sacramento, if you want to maintain the little credibility that you have you should change your title. It was clearly an ANQUEEFA thug that jumped on the hood of the car.

  10. will 2twenty2 says:

    Looks like someone is generalizing anyone wearing a red hat as being a Trump supporter. Nice work Ryan Hill.

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