By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – President Donald Trump touched down in Air Force One Monday morning at McClellan Park amid California’s historic wildfire season.

President Trump is arriving in McClellan Park because that is the nerve center for Cal Fire’s wildfire operation.

The president’s visit to California comes as the death toll in the bear fire increase by two more people on Sunday, bringing the total to 14 and statewide death toll to 24, according to Cal Fire.

Trump spoke about his travel plans head of his arrival in Sacramento County, focusing on the historic and deadly wildfires across the state.

“But you know it is about forest management. Please remember the words, very simple. Forest management. Please remember that,” Trump said.

The presidential visit comes two days after Governor Gavin Newsom toured the bear fire zone and called the situation a “climate damn emergency.”

Trump and Newsom have traded rhetorical shots at each other over the years.

CBS13 political analyst Gary Dietrich said this visit will be different.

“There’s never been any love lost between these two – that is Gov. Newsom and President Trump – but amazingly when he comes out for these disaster scenarios, or when they work on disasters, you’ll hear Gov. Newsom effusively praise the president,” Dietrich said.

The president arrived in Air Force One at McClellan Park just before 11 a.m.

Trump is taking part in a Cal Fire wildfire briefing and was joined by Gov. Newsom along with other state officials at the event.

Later, the president awarded medals to members of the National Guard who evacuated people as wildfires raged.

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  1. T.L says:

    Forest management, simple like that. Yes, climate change too, but because of climate change, we need to do forest management even more. Listen to your President!!!!

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  3. EVERYONE is saying forest managment, esp. the WESTERN LEADERS who LIVE in their communities. Little boys like Newsom need “clean their rooms” without claiming “Entropy” because that’s what “CIimate Change” is…their excuse to demand $$$ and do nothing real on something that is a basic law of physics. Democratic party is like a religion…of cannibals. Stop eating your people, Newsom.

  4. Climates ALWAYS change – and overpopulated regions increase entropy greater than the natural rate which is always increasing – by nature. THe ancients knew how to maintain the lands, low IQ governors do not. Himalayan forests don’t burn because centuries of EXPERT FOREST MANAGEMENT. CA environmentalists went there claiming to know better than “ignorant natives”, tried to mess things up, they were RUN OUT OF TOWN. WHose ignorant now Newsom?

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  6. Courtney Smith says:

    Where are all the pictures of the supporters?

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