By Marissa Perlman

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The face mask has been a divisive symbol since the pandemic started, and now one of the nation’s health leaders says they are the best weapon we have in fighting COVID-19.

The face mask is state-mandated, but it’s been a political statement even six months into the pandemic.

Natalka Galakj said, “There’s definitely attitude if you don’t have one on.”

The Director of the CDC, Dr. Robert Redfield, says he has clear scientific evidence masks work, and they are the best defense. Even going as far as saying a face mask is more guaranteed to protect you than a COVID vaccine, which isn’t great news to everyone.

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“I don’t think that’s true. A good vaccine takes care of that, and I don’t have to wear this G*D D*amn awful thing on my face,” said Bill Felver.

Dr. Jeffrey Klausner, Infectious Disease Expert with UCLA, says it’s hard to compare the benefits of a mask to the benefits of a vaccine, especially one we don’t have one yet.

“We don’t know how it’s going to work, the point he’s making is: masks do work,” said Dr. Klausner.

Dr. Redfield says a vaccine likely won’t be widely available until next summer at the earliest, and the vaccine has zero guarantees.

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“What that means is the vaccine may not take in everybody,” Dr. Klausner said.

Meanwhile, Sacramento County Health Officer Dr. Olivia Kaisyre says it’s too early to start preparing to deploy a COVID-19 vaccine but says the CDC statement is important.

“There are people who are thinking once we get the vaccine we can go back to our regular lives and once we get one it’s not going to be a switch on and off,” said Dr. Kasiyre.

Dr. Kasiyre says even after there is a vaccine that is widely distributed, part of the mitigation measures will be wearing a mask.

Marissa Perlman

  1. Realist living in reality says:

    The cult of the mask is fastly being exposed……Cloth masks dont stop viruses, they are too small. Viruses that can be inhaled can attack mucus membranes in the eyes…no goggle mandate? No masks for babies? Viruses dont age discriminate. Masks cause hypoxia, cognitive disability, prohibit the production of type 1 interferon, lower immune system function, and recirculate pathogens that the body is attempting to exhale. They are a symbol of submission, i.e. S and M, and they are associated with the occult. Besides, if they worked within the last “6” months the hoax pandemic would have been over. In this nation we have freedom of choice, and those who choose to wear one can and those who don’t won’t. The entire covid hoax is a modern day cult full of people suffering from stockholm syndrome and cognitive delusion, who want to be perpetual victims with a sense of belonging. Never wore one, never sick, and never will. Don’t serve the dark one or his minions. Legally, only a doctor who you have been examined by can prescribe a medical device. Last I heard newsom is not a doctor and other “doctors” havent examined the populace.

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