By Cameron Glenn

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Less than 48 hours after President Trump visited Sacramento, multiple White House staff members reportedly tested positive for COVID-19.

The White House press pool was informed of the positive COVID-19 cases Wednesday, but Chief of Staff Mark Meadows says he is not releasing any further information.

“I don’t comment on any health-related issues as it relates to the White House ever,” Meadows told press pool reporters.

Josh Wingrove, White House reporter for Bloomberg News, reports that the White House is declining comment. When asked about the report, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said, “I’m not here to give people’s personal identities” and that “close contacts” with a person who has since tested positive would be notified, according to Bloomberg.

It’s unknown if any of the staffers accompanied President Trump on his visit to the capital city.  Trump was in Sacramento on Monday to meet with Governor Newsom and other state officials about the state’s devastating wildfires. He also awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross to seven National Guardsmen who, under dangerous conditions, flew their helicopters into the Creek Fire zone in the Sierra to rescue hundreds of people — mostly hikers and campers. Some of the guardsmen are stationed in Stockton and Mather.

The president’s trip had all the hallmarks of a presidential visit, including the touchdown of Air Force One and protests.

See photos of the president’s visit to Sacramento, below.

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  1. Mrs. B. PacNW says:

    Mr. Trump knows nothing about the fires. He knows nothing about containment and he knows nothing about “clearing brush”. He doesn’t know how to conceptualize a state larger than Florida! I would like him to tell Florida to clear all their swamps!

    All things adding up I think we need to outlaw gas engine ATVs and Motorcycles and anything else from driving into fire tender areas. Drunken parties of ATV and motorcycle enthusiasts and faulty “spark arresters” are at fault too.

    Another factor is fracking. Every frack well leaks methane. A new fuel for an already dangerous area. Try to stop methane! From the ground! It can’t be done.

    1. XYZ says:

      Let’s see you left out yr fellow conspiracy theorists’ goto: DEW’s LOL! Let’s try to educate you, and your fellow conspiracists. CALFIRE (do you know who they are?) has stated, repeatedly, 95% of all CA wildfires are due to human activity and Butte county supervisors repeatedly stated “lack of proper forest mgmt.”

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