By Velena Jones

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Protesters hit the streets again Thursday offering up a very different account of what went down Monday during an anti-Trump protest during the president’s stop at McClellan Park.

On Thursday, a group lead by social justice organizations JUICE Sacramento and Impact stood at all four corners of the intersection at Madison and Date Avenues. The location is less than a half a mile away from the Sacramento CHP station.

Viral video shows one of their own protestors being thrown off a CHP cruiser after climbing on top of the hood as the car is driving away from the crowd.

VIDEO: Trump Protester Seen Climbing On CHP Vehicle, Falling To Ground As It Takes Off

“She had no way of getting around that, there was no way she could’ve got out of the way. It was so quick and so sudden and so out of the blue, that many of us had to try to and get out of the way,” said Leia Schenk, founder of Impact.

In a statement earlier this week, CHP addressed the encounter saying “Two CHP officers were conducting traffic control near the intersection of northbound Watt Ave and Airbase Drive and attempted to leave the area.  As the lead vehicle began to pull away, one of the protesters climbed up the hood of the patrol vehicle.  Fearing for his safety, the officer began to accelerate away and the protester fell off the vehicle.”

Schenk, who was there that day, said the person was attempting to get out of the way. Despite CHP’s account of the event, she believes the officer did not act appropriately.

“We are not going to keep talking about why she did what she did. It’s irrelevant because you and I as private citizens could never get away with that. That would be vehicular manslaughter, she could’ve died,” she said. “The bottom line is he is an officer. He is sworn to protect and serve. He is a public service officer. There is no excuse to plow over a group of people whether they are standing in the street or standing on the sidewalk,” Schenk explained.

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Nehemiah Nuk-Nuk Johnson, the founder of JUICE Sacramento, wants the officer to be held accountable for his actions.

“Right is right and wrong is wrong. Every person who was wrong on both sides needs to be held accountable and we are expecting you to do so,” he said.

Video from protesters shows what appears to be multiple people being hit by a silver Volvo as it stops and then accelerates towards the crowd. Schenk claims a total of six people were hit by multiple vehicles during the protest. She is questioning why those drivers weren’t arrested.

“There were six people hit. One of our EMS guys were hit twice by Trump supporters, so why aren’t they being brought up on charges? So, is that going to be a new thing, if you see somebody out there protesting you have the right to plow through them? You have the right to take your vehicle and run into them,” she questioned.

The group claims they are not protesting to be violent but are hoping to create change for marginalized communities and people.

“We do more than just stand out in the street and protest. We are actually in the community helping out,” Johnson said.

CBS13 reached out to CHP for further comment. CHP said they cannot comment, citing an ongoing investigation.

Velena Jones

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  1. Alessandro Machi says:

    Once again, the video is conveniently starts so we cannot see what happened before the police drove away. This is typical of the News.

  2. fiddlestix says:

    So the moron climbs on a moving car and hurts himself but it’s the CHP’s fault. Their mom should have used more birth control.

  3. Alessandro Machi says:

    A different angle not used in this report reveals the protestors WERE NOT within the crosswalk when this incident happened. The Police car was past the crosswalk, stopped in the middle of the intersection, with Protestors in front and on both sides of the Police Car. Yet your video shows protestors walking within the crosswalk to imply they were being legal at all times. This is changing the truth. Also, the gentleman who climbed onto the Police car was filming into the Police car with his camera while endangering the Police by blockading their path. Police are trained to never be put into a situation where they have no way out.

  4. Reality says:

    A nothing burger….climb on a CHP car, expect to get dumped…its logic really, but since most people are social media/public school indoctrinated they cant rationally deduce that. A lesson well taught is a lesson well learned.

  5. Unclezip says:

    “Right is right and wrong is wrong”. Who gets to decide, boy? Stay out of the middle of the street, and you won’t get run over. The cop did exactly as he was trained – get out of the middle of a dangerous situation, even if it means greasing your vehicle’s undercarriage with SJW idiots.

  6. That Guy says:

    That’s an excellent argument for snowplows as standard equipment.

  7. mrgarabaldi says:

    You expect the Chippies to hang around after 2 cops got shot a couple of days ago then a hostile crowd shows up at the hospital screaming “We hope they die”. Dude climbs on the cruiser and you expect the police officer to just patiently wait for the possible gun shot from the hostile crowd while the dude postures on the roof of the cruiser? Really? Any sane police officer would have left the area and the dude on the cruiser should have known better, but I guess brains were not high on his priority list.

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