NEVADA CITY (CBS13) — Police in Nevada Ciy are sounding the alarm over potential violent protests advertised on social media.

The department took to social media Tuesday, sharing the virtual flyers, some of which have detailed instructions on how to prevent officers from making arrests, by surrounding them in groups.

Police say some peaceful events were planned for the weekend but were postponed when investigators showed them the posts.

Last month, the Nevada City Police Department was criticized for not doing enough to stop a violent clash at a Black Lives Matter protest. The department admitted they were not prepared and said several arrests have been made since.

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  1. Him Again says:

    BLM=CCP its not a puzzle……The Chinese Comunist Party, inter alia, is funding these “peaceful protests” to undermine our societal structure and demoralize our population. All lives matter.

    1. sick of misinformation says:

      Here’s that wonderful conservative propaganda right here ^
      Can’t believe that people can organize on their own so everything has to be funded by either Communists or Jews

  2. John Reagan says:

    This exactly what our Founders were concerned about when they authored the 2nd Amendment… the right of the people to defend their nation against thugs and anti-American groups like the present ‘flag waving Pro-Trumpers’…. Don’t believe me? Google ‘Washington Shays Rebellion 2nd Amendment’ and learn something.

  3. Hilary Hodge says:

    The Nevada City Police Department couldn’t identify the accounts they posted from and have since removed their post.

  4. mollyfisk says:

    It’s really embarrassing that the NCPD didn’t verify their source. People in Nevada County have been peacefully demonstrating on behalf of Black Lives Matter for months. There’s an on-going investigation by the DA into the violence of white supremacists at a peaceful demonstration but otherwise these events have been without incident. I hope you’ll come up on Saturday for the peaceful vigil in Nevada City and see for yourselves what’s going on here.

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