SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Looking for things to be happy about in 2020 might be just what Californians need as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, the country’s politics are divisive as ever, and we’re having one of the worst wildfire seasons on record.

WalletHub created a survey of 2020’s Happiest States in America and it turns out California scored pretty high. According to the credit score website, California is the sixth happiest state in the nation, earning high marks for “emotional and physical well-being.”

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States ahead of California were Hawaii (No. 1) and Utah. Rounding out the top six were Minnesota, New Jersey, and Maryland. Nevada came in at number 19 and Arizona was 20.

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WalletHub says its listmakers looked at happiness research to figure out which metrics to examine at while evaluating states. They ended up zeroing in on 32 metrics — such as income growth, suicide rate, and even COVID-19 testing — to rank the 50 states.

The states at the bottom of the list were Oklahoma, Arkansas, and West Virginia.


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  1. Truth says:

    I guess the homeless really are happier than me!

    1. Him Again says:

      Come on now…..obviously this is a hoax, or a fake poll. Who is happy being taxed into poverty, choked to death on yearly geo engineered smoke, people pooing in the streets, infested with illegal immigrants, infested with foreign spies, covid hoaxes, businesses shuttered, schools shut down, police out of control, and a tin pot dictator running the show? Who exactly is so happy about that? They must have polled the governor and his staff only, because everyone I know is looking for another state to live in…….just sayin’

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