There have been strong, mixed reactions to an El Dorado County restaurant being fined thousands of dollars for flouting the county’s COVID-19 guidelines.

Facing $8,200 in fines Café El Dorado’s health permit was suspended on July 30 after the county received several complaints about the restaurant.

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The county said on August 14, the cafe requested a hearing that was later held on August 25, but, according to the county, no one from the cafe showed up.

During the enforcement process, the county says Café El Dorado’s health permit was pulled. From the July 30 date, fines starting at $100 to a maximum of $500 a day began accruing.

The cafe’s owner, Cherie Baldridge, says the fines could put her out of business. She started a GoFundMe, asking people to help out.

Here’s how some people reacted to this on Facebook:

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Donny Allendale: So newsom wants her to close and yet he continues to collect his salary! There is something wrong with this!

Samatha Juner: So you want to not follow the guidelines…like Trump…who keeps crying law & order…but also like Trump you don’t want to pay for your crime? You can pay you’re own fines.

Katherine Womack-McCasland: Pelosi didn’t get fined nor did she get penalized. Back off Americans who are trying to survive this horrible situation.

Helen Flanders: Keep the fines coming and close her business. She doesnt give a d**m about the health and well being of other people only cares about money

Alex-Isa Marie Jauregui: Good on her for staying open. If people are really that concerned about the Coronavirus, they should stay their asses home.

Terry E. Cook Jr.: I mean she knew what the repercussions were for not following the mandate sooooo. It is what it is.

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