SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Residents in Sacramento have mixed reactions after hearing that President Donald Trump was transported to Walter Reed Medical Center to be evaluated for his coronavirus diagnosis.

“I think he’s going to come through just fine. He’s Donald Trump. He’s got an election to win,” said Michelle Foster, a supporter of the president.

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“He’s 74. He’s certified obese, and he’s not wearing his mask at these rallies,” said a woman named Susan, who was not surprised to hear about Trump’s diagnosis.

So how high of a risk is the president?

Dr. Teri Tift treats coronavirus patients at Eskaton Senior Living Facilities, many in the same demographic President Trump falls into: male, in their 70’s, and overweight.

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But Dr. Tift said age alone won’t determine how the president will do.

“If you’re 55 and obese, has heart disease, has diabetes, they’re going to be at a much higher risk than someone who is 95 and is relatively healthy,” said Dr. Tift.

A recent study says otherwise healthy 70- to 79-year-olds have a 4.6 percent risk of dying from COVID-19, regardless of gender.

But UCLA’s Dr. Joseph Ladapo said because the president is active, he’s likely to fight the disease better than those who are frail and not active.

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“He certainly is active, obviously it takes a tremendous amount of energy to be the president. That works in his favor,” Ladapo said.

Marissa Perlman