By Cecilio Padilla

STOCKTON (CBS13) — A person who was allegedly combative while being arrested died while in the custody of Stockton officers Thursday morning, authorities say.

The Stockton Police Department says officers responded to the 10700 block of Trinity Parkway around 7 a.m. to investigate a report of a man allegedly threatening to throw a bottle of wine at an AM/PM employee.

Officers found the man still in the store and asked him to come outside and sit down. He complied at first, but officers say he then jumped up and tried to run away.

The man was soon tackled to the ground by officers. He continued to resist while in custody, police say.

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Police say one officer held the man down with his body while another officer used a baton pressed up against the man’s shoulder.  At some point during the arrest, officers found that the man had stopped breathing. An officer quickly started life-saving measures and the man was taken to the hospital, but police say he was later pronounced dead.

The man has been identified as 29-year-old Shayne Allen Sutherland.

Several agencies are now investigating the incident, including the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office, the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office and the state Department of Justice.

An autopsy will be conducted to determine the cause of death.

Both officers involved, officer Ronald Zalundardo and officer John Afanasiev, were placed on three-day paid administrative leave, the police department said.

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    Posting a more than 4-minute video that in no way supports the story it’s supposed to illustrate is misleading. You literally stole a little bit of my life. For what?

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